After each trip, I make the same vow.  And before each trip, I break it.


Is it so hard to arrange my schedule to take advantage of golden hour? 

Golden hour imbues photos with magic.  With long shadows and dimension.  With warmth and glow. 

It’s the great democratizer - opening scenes formerly hidden in shadows.  Softening areas that were in too sharp relief.

The freedom and efficiency of being able to turn in any direction, to frame and compose at will, is satisfying. During this time, light transforms from fussy to supportive.  To magnanimous.

But of course I forget.

Always reverting to think my eye and camera alone can elevate a scene.  Perhaps a convenient mindset, in service of a convenient schedule.

Maybe one day I’ll learn. 

Until then, I continue reviewing my work - alternately marveling, alternately regretting.