Kaziranga, we hardly knew ye

Have you ever felt you'd left a place as soon as you came?


At first, the place's novelty jolts you. 

You need to make sense of it all - before you can enjoy it.

Then one day, you understand its rhythms.  The direction the lodge's faucet turns for cold water.  The time of day dense fog settles.  The fact that morning jeep safaris never feel warmer despite the number of hot water bottles in your lap. The ways you need to adjust for the ways the place won't.

You only just learned to tame it.  But now it's time to leave.

You say you'll be back. This time, to wear the experience like an old robe.  To do it on your terms, without allowing it to file your edges.

I've returned to challenging places, but I'll tell you this.

If you wait long enough, everything resets.

And maybe that's a good thing.