Brahmaputra blues

Illness removes visceral enjoyment.  But another type can prevail.


The Kaziranga experience thus far had been a blend of:  fatigue, hoolock gibbon, migraines, assamese food I couldn't taste properly, RHINO, sore throat, spot the captive vs wild elephant, respiratory congestion mixed with five parts open-air jeep dust, cinematic fog, tiger traces, chills, and elevated hospitality.

Standing on the deserted island our cruise operator dropped us to for a tea and biscuit break, I grasped something.

The child's voice booming from the karaoke machine across the Brahmaputra was not a trained one.  (If Assam picnic areas have noise regulations, they were flouted).  The repertoire was random - old filmi songs and a rendition of the Indian national anthem.

I laughed.  This could only happen here.

Whimsy engendered awareness.  Perhaps arranged by the Son of Brahma himself?

I grasped that mindfulness gives the mind - prone to wallowing - buoyancy.  Soon, the mind resurfaces.  If only for a flash, like the gangetic dolphin.

So while the body sang the blues, the Enjoyer continued enjoying.